Report/StudySummaryDocuments including WEEE flows/quantities
Rapport technique de diagnostic national des mouvements transfrontières et de la gestion des DEEEEMPA Materials Science & Technology, 2011: Report developed for the E-waste Africa project. The Benin e-Waste Country Assessment, comprising Components 1 and 2 of the Secretariat of the Basel Convention e-Waste Africa Project, was undertaken between November 2009 and May 2011, with a main focus on the Cotonou area and on various entry points of used EEE and WEEE into the country. The study’s focus areas include an analysis of the policy and legal frameworks; an analysis of all stakeholders including importers and distributors, consumers, collectors, repairers, dismantlers, and recyclers of EEE and the disposal mechanisms available at present; a mass flow assessment; an evaluation of social and environmental impacts; and the drafting of a national WEEE management strategy. All four categories of EEE, namely 'large household appliances', 'small household appliances', information and communication technologies' and 'consumer electronics' are included in the study. Sources of data include surveys, field investigations, national statistics, stakeholder interviews, the UN Comtrade database, etc.
Text in French. Translation not available.