Report/StudySummaryDocuments including WEEE flows/quantities
Regional Enforcement Network for Chemicals and Waste (REN): Final Project Report - December 2011- February 2018UNEP and Sweden Sverige, 2018: This report presents the final project report for the Regional Enforcement Network for Chemicals and Waste (REN) project implemented by UN Environment. REN is a project that combatted environmental crime through strengthening the capacity of 25 participating countries in Asia Pacific to control illegal trade in chemicals and waste.48
Handbook of Transnational Environmental CrimeLorraine Elliott; William H. Schaedla, 2016: Crimes associated with the illegal trade in wildlife, timber and fish stocks, pollutants and waste have become increasingly transnational, organised and serious. They warrant attention because of their environmental consequences, their human toll, their impacts on the rule of law and good governance, and their links with violence, corruption and a range of crossover crimes. This ground-breaking, multi-disciplinary Handbook brings together leading scholars and practitioners to examine key sectors in transnational environmental crime and to explore its most significant conceptual, operational and enforcement challenges.
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Transnational organized crime in east Asia & the Pacific (Tocta 2013)UNDOC, 2013: Chapter 9 on illicit trade in electrical and electronic waste (e-waste) from the world to the region.