Report/StudySummaryDocuments including WEEE flows/quantities
Transboundary movements of WEEE in Latin AmericaStEP, 2023: The purpose of this document is to highlight the difficulties reported by WEEE recyclers in the region, as well as the difficulties expressed by government representatives for the implementation of regulations. Above all, the report seeks to highlight the solutions proposed by each group to facilitate the transboundary movements of WEEE and to support actions that lead to the circularity of the materials present in this waste.
Spanish version available here.
Author(s): Carlos A. Hernández S.; Daniel Ott; Natalie Lora Reyes.
Regional E-waste Monitor for Latin-America, results for the 13 countries participating in project UNIDO-GEF 5554UNU and UNITAR – co-hosting the SCYCLE Programme, 2021: Within the framework of the PREAL project, this Regional E-waste Monitor for Latin- America is the first regional monitoring effort on e-waste statistics, legislation, and e-waste management infrastructure to enhance the understanding and interpretation of regional e-waste data, with the goal of facilitating environmentally sound management of e waste.
Author(s): M. Wagner, C.P. Baldé, V. Luda, I. C. Nnorom, R. Kuehr, G. Iattoni.