Report/StudySummaryDocuments including WEEE flows/quantities
An EPR Scheme for WEEE in Egypt | Options for implementation.SRI, 2021: This report was prepared as part of the ongoing e-waste policy development process in Egypt. It proposes and discusses various options for implementation of EPR for WEEE in Egypt. It aims to provide concrete options and recommendations to support the drafting of the Prime Minister’s decree on implementation of EPR, following the publication of the new Egyptian Waste Management Law in December 2020.
Author(s): Tawfik Elkheshen.
E-waste Africa Project. National training workshop on E-waste in EgyptEuropean Union, IMPEL and Basel Convention, 2011: Proceedings of the fourth African national training workshop on Monitoring and Control of transboundary movements of E-waste and used E-Equipment to Africa and the Prevention of Illegal Traffic. The SBC E-waste Africa Project (Component 4), October 10-12, Alexandria, Egypt.