Report/StudySummaryDocuments including WEEE flows/quantities
Electronic waste management scenario in Bangladesh: policies, recommendations, and case study at Dhaka and Chittagong for a sustainable solutionSustainable Technology and Entrepreneurship, 2022: This study reported the upgradation of the e-waste policies of the government of Bangladesh. A field survey was conducted for an in-depth understanding of the current scenario of e-waste management in Dhaka and Chittagong and total e-waste streamflow has been presented.
Sustainable Technology and Entrepreneurship, Volume 1, Issue 3.
Author(s): Hridoy Roy, Md.Shahinoor Islam, Shafaul Haque, M.H. Riyad.
E-waste Management in Bangladesh: an overviewUniversity of Chittagong, 2021: Extensive literature survey and content analysis to explore the present state of E-waste management and its impact on human and marine inhabitants in Bangladesh. This study also presents an understanding of how the recently developed legal framework will contribute in controlling the rapid rise of e-waste in the country along with proposed methods for a sustainable management system.
2nd International Conference on Urban and Regional Planning, 2021
Author(s): Raha, Umme Laiba.
Magnitude of the Flow of E-waste in Bangladesh. Brief Study Findings 2014Environment and Social Development Organisation (ESDO), 2014: The objectives of this study are to summarize current knowledge concerning health hazards and environmental impacts associated with the handling and end-of life treatment of electronic waste and to review hazardous compounds that have been added to the products that may be released during the end-of-life treatment, and compounds that may be formed during the disposal or treatment processes.48