Quantifying WEEE in Romania 2019 vs 2015Sofies, 2019: Romania, like many other Member States of the European Union, is struggling to achieve its WEEE collection target. ECOTIC commissioned a study on this matter to see the estimation of WEEE in Romania.48
Current trends in WEEE management in RomaniaTheoretical and Empirical Researches in Urban Management, 2016: This paper provides an overview of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE, e-waste) collection and recycling system in Romania. Although progresses have been registered in the field, Romania is facing serious problems regarding WEEE management which affect the achievement of targets set by the European Union. In this context, the paper aims to highlight the underlying causes of the inefficient management of WEEE for subsequent identification of the necessary measures by the experts and practitioners in the field. (Volume 11, Issue 4).
Author(s): Mihaela PĂCEȘILĂ; Carmen Nadia CIOCOIU; Sofia Elena COLESCA; Ștefan Gabriel BURCEA.
Quantifying waste of electric and electronic equipment in RomaniaUnited Nations University (UNU) and ECOTIC, 2015: This study for the first time in Romania provides evidence that will support the development of more accurate future collection targets and methods of quantifying household WEEE generated. The study also highlights the consumers' WEEE disposal habits, attitudes, and activities outside of officially reported collection and recycling.
Author(s): Federico Magalini; Kees Baldé; Hina Habib.