Material Flow Analysis of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment in Ukraine"Journal of Ecological Engineering, 2021: The composition of widespread electronic devices (mobile phone, computer mouse, keyboard, web-camera, monitor) was studied by manual dismantling and for e-waste components. For the case study of Ukraine, five devices under investigation contain over 4 thousand tons / year resources. The content of chemical elements in the components was determined by X-ray fluorescence analysis.
Journal of Ecological Engineering 2021, 22(9), 198–207
Author(s): Lilia Hlavatska; Vitalii Ishchenko; Volodymyr Pohrebennyk; Ivan Salamon.
Legal Regulation of Waste Management in Ukraine on the Way to European IntegrationEuropean Journal of Sustainable Development, 2020: The article is devoted to the research of problems of adaptation of Ukrainian legislation to the norms of EU law. Particular attention is paid to the overriding objective of learning from the experience of the EU member states to improve the national legislation by implementing European standards in the sphere of waste management.
European Journal of Sustainable Development, 9, 2, 422-430
Author(s): Serhii Kidalov; Vitaliy Vitiv; Liudmyla Golovko; Viktor Ladychenk.
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Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Management in UkraineGEOLINKS Conference, 2019: A detailed literature review on WEEE management was conducted. E-waste generation in Ukraine was estimated using electronics market analysis. Besides, all the companies managing WEEE in Ukraine were analysed (i.e., collection, transportation, storage, processing, recycling, disposal). The main conclusion of this study is that Ukraine needs the adoption of relevant legislation, as well as assistance and control over WEEE management.
Author(s): Ishchenko, Vitalii.
Conceptual foundations for the formation of waste disposal mechanism based on the recycling of e-waste in UkraineEconomic Annals-XXI, 2016: The authors propose a conceptual model of waste disposal mechanism based on the recycling of e-products in Ukraine. The first sub-system of the mechanism provides for the process of consolidation e-waste with its further recycling; the second sub-system provides for the recycling of e-waste along with the removal of valuable components and recycling of toxic substances in an environmentally friendly manner.
Text in Ukrainian. Translation not available.
Economic Annals-XXI, 159(5-6), 89-92.
Author(s): Kravtsiv, V., & Kolodiichuk, I.